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ReNo - Restoration of damaged Ecosystems in the Nordic countries - a Nordic multidisciplinary network
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Conference 2011


ReNo is a Nordic multidisciplinary network of scientists, practitioners, policy makers and entrepreneurs working with ecological restoration. The network is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and is one of four theme projects initated by the Icelandic Ministry of Environment for 2009, when Iceland is leading the NCM. All the Nordic countries participate in the project. For project description click here.


A special feature of Ecology and Society on Ecological Restoration in Northern Regions



New project on the evaluation of ecological restoration

One of the results of the ReNo network was that appropriate evaluation of the outcomes of ecological restoration projects is commonly lacking. EvRest is a new project based on the results of the ReNo network and funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. EvRest is an extension of the ReNo network, also including participants from Scotland, Greenland and Canada. Its primary goal is to develop standardised, user friendly framework to evaluate restoration projects. The EvRest homepage is available here.


Reno - Final report

The final report of the ReNo project was published in the TemaNord series and is available here. The report gives an overview of the ReNo project, summarizes ecological restoration in the Nordic countries and gives a synthesis of the conference: Restoring the North. Furthermore, the report contains chapters on best practice guidance; perspectives in ecological restoration in the Nordic countries; and how to enhance ecological restoration in the region. The main conclusion of the report is that ecological restoration should be more firmly anchored in Nordic environmental policy.